One day  you saw old tree planted in a pot which looks much older then your previous generation .  Bonsai making is Asian art form which is collection of techniques which are used  to cultivate or produce small trees in container which looks exactly same  as the the tree growing in bare ground . so not going into much history . I know you are a gardening enthusiast not a history student lets move on to how to make a bonsai .


Bonsai is a never ending rituals which requires only a basic items as you start as beginner 

  •         Bonsai wires - it is used to train(bend) the bonsai branches according to our desire plan so that it mimics a real tree. **1.0 mm–6.0 mm copper and    aluminium wires recommended .                                                                                            

  •          Wire cutter  used to cut the unnecessary piece of wire .                               
  •     Scissors/shear  – used to remove foliage and branches lesser then the    diameter of pencil.                                                                                        
  •     Pruner(concave) – used to cut the branches more then diameter of pencil    they give a clear cut to the trunk from where the branch is removed.                                                                                                    
  •       A sapling/ cutting/plant material– yes , you require plant material    which you will     convert into a bonsai . I have listed trees and plants that   you can used to   make bonsai ,in my other article.


                              Potting soil for bonsai

Making a bonsai can be easy and clean if the correct potting medium is used . personally  I don’t use soil because the growth of the trees is very slow due to poor penetration of roots into the soil . Best potting medium for bonsai consist of

  •      a)   Cocopeat – it acts a moisture reservoir for the roots . it is light  weight  and disease free . as you don’t want your newly planted bonsai material  plant to wild or rot.
  •      b)  Perlite – it is a glassy white colored potting medium . it is used for   making the the soil well draining so that rot rot and other diseases doesn't   occur due to water logging
  •      c)    Vermiculte – it has a very good water holding capacity and should be   added to the potting media for storing more water for plants in the roots .   
  •      d)   Vermicompost – it provides organic matter humus and other nutrients to   the plants and adds up in the potting mix

The ratio of cocopeat:perlite:vermiculite:vermicompost = 3:1:1:2 .

                                  Pot used in bonsai

Key to a perfect bonsai is pot size . if a perfect pot is used then only the trunk of tree gets thicker .
Oval and rectangular pots are usually 2/3 of trees height

Round or square pots should be 1/3 of the plant height .

                           How to make Bonsai

Now you have your bonsai pots, tools  ,potting mix and you plant of choice .
Firstly cut of excess branches and foliage out of your planting material with he help of shear and pruner . you can wire the branches to give it your desired shape and bent it in any position
Secondly mix and place your potting mix in your bonsai pot .
Thirdly plant the tree in it and water it .
And have patience . it is end less ritual monitor you plant regularly

                             Watering the bonsai  

Bonsai should only watered when the soil becomes a little dry
no over watering should be done .
watering should be done with the help of fine nozzle to avoid displacement of soil or potting mix . 

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