Summer and winter vegetables

Gardening can be a great hobby of an individual 

A vegetable kitchen garden can be your next goal to eat vegetables that are free from pestisides and inorganic fertilizers .
Eating your own grown food  which is pure makes you healthy and adds to your well being. 
Welcome flocks I am giving you a simple layout for your kitchen garden .
and common vegetables that you can grow according to the season very easily .

Vegetables can be classified into two types -

1) Winter season vegetables - common vegetables grown in winters  are  
 a) asparagus, brocolli, brussels sprouts, cabbage , chive,garlic , kale, knol khol , leek , onion ,pea , pasley, radish rhubarb , spinach , turnip ,carrot lettuce , leaf beet , potato , chinese cabbage , celery globe antichoke ,collord 


 2) Summer season vegetables - common vegetables are  chilli ,tomato snap bean and sweet corn , amaranth okra , egg plant bell pepper taioca , cluster bean lima bean , colocasia , cowpea , cucurbits( pumpkin , bottle gourd , bitter gourd and etc ) sweet potato and yan

****So you can check  agroclimatic zone of your country and plant these vegetables according 
a simple techniques or trick is to plant the summer vegetables immediately after the last frost date of your place and you can plant the winter vegetables after the monsoon season has ended and you find temprature falling .

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