The Garden in a Pot

Most of us live in city apartments, and units, with not much available space for even a small garden, let alone a front garden and lawn. But it doesn't have to be all concrete and gloom, with a little ingenuity, container gardens can transform your living space and outdoor balcony into flourishing beauty.

To achieve this however, we need to think about a few things in order to get some healthy plants blooming in beauty. The following tips have been provided by about gardening.

Selecting a location 

Before buying any plant ,  location should be  kept in mind so that proper selection of plants can be done easily points to keep in mind while selecting location are

  • the area is shady or receives sunlight 
  • weather its  inside or outside   the house .  
  • availability of water . 

Plant selection -

Their are many plants available in the nurseries . And it's a risky thing to buy a plant and watch it die . The key rule is to buy annual flowering plants  and dwarf varieties of ornamental for your pots .if the place receives sun light or just plant shade  love plants  which i have listed .Their are wide varieties of summer annuals , winter annuals and shade loving plants available in market I am listing some of the best of  them for you.

a) Summer  and rainy season annuals -   Geraniums , Marigolds ,Calibrochas ,zinnias , vincas , sun flowers,  tithonia,  kochia, gomphena , portulaca , salvias , balsam , celosia , Gallardia , giant of california , cupid , pompon ,giant dahlia

b) Winter annuals -  cosmea , dahalia , clarkia , clianthus , candytuft , gazania , daisy, holly hock , ice plant ,lady lace, pansy , petunias, pholox and etc

c) Shade loving plants Anthurium , alocasia , aglaneama , , araucaria , Aphelanra auriantiaca , begonia , justicia brandegeeana , calathea  , crotons , cordyline , dracaena , ferns , ficus, palms and etc.

d) Indoor plants - Ficus retusa , Aglaonema commutatun , Aspidistra elatior , Monstera deliciosa , Sansevieria trifasciata , Brassaia arboricola. ,Asparagus setaceus .

so you can select the plants according to your location from the list above .

Container size

Have a think about how big the plants will grow before you put them in a container. 
As the plants grow, the soil will dry more as the roots will be more demanding of water. Water them more often as they get bigger. 
All pots should have drainage. This can be achieved simply by using the plastic pots one sees at a , or even just using  gravel at the bottom of a container. 
Key rule annul flowers can be grown in medium size pots   while ornamental trees and evergreen plants require  larger pot if planning for indoor planting select designer clay pots to increase the beauty of you interior design when ever planning for container gardening please try to select pots with same design so that your setup looks symmetrical .


In my opinion  Potting mix should be used in place of soil , This can be bought at the local nursery.  potting mix is better then the soil as it  will remain more loose if you are planning a terrace garden potting mix doest not carry a weight with it so it is not heavy on your terrace . 
To make your own potting mix use cocopeat , perlite , vermiculite and vermicompost in ratio of 3:1:1:2 .
and their is no harm in using regular garden soil but potting mix is preferred over garden soil 

Plant Size

Always buy the dwarf variety of plants if to be potted in a container. to make the area more symmetrical . 


Always use a fine nozzle to avoid displacement of soil or the potting medium from the container In summer, you should be checking the soil twice daily to see if it is too dry. water twice in summers

and once  in winter. Remember that the container dries quickly so check your plants regularly for it . 


you can buy organic composts or manures to fertilise your plants once or twice a month . Or you can simply buy  inorganic formulation which consist of major nutrients like nitrogen phosphorous potassium and other micro nutrients or you can mix in a time released fertiliser at the planting stage which would be more easy .
these all items are available on line easily . or you can check your nearest agriculture stores

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