So  you are planning for organic farming but are clue less about how to deal with the attack of insects in your organic farm , so that the farm produce remains organic in testing done while before selling the produce to the companies

 Here are Top 10 organic insecticides that you can use in your farm without hesitation 

(1) Neem/ margosa - Azadirachata indica  is a tree with beneficial insecticidal and medicinal properties the kernels and leaves of the tree can be used in powdered form to control the insect below                                                  economic threshold level (ETL) do that they never tend to look at your organic produce anymore means they will never reach the the Economic injury level (EIL) . You can prepare your own neem based insecticides from the seeds kernel and leaves or look in nearest stores or online for ready made neem extracts which can be useful for you . And really it just eradicates the insects .

(2) Pyrethroids Crysanthemum cinerariifolium , yes this plant grows in your garden or lawn . The flower dust of this flower is used to kill insects . It has direct knock down effect on insects . it can be used to knock down any kind of insect and the benefit is it is totally harmless to man. Also used to kill mites and other parasites living on human skin . it is highly unstable so should be used in the evening time . So prepare your own or buy and extract from the market your own choice .

(3) Rotenoidsroots of leguminous plant such as  lonchocarpus spp and derris eliptica are highly toxic to the insects like leaf eating caterpillars , beetles and others .It is also a contact fish poison . it causes rapid paralysis of insect . Root dust of these plants can be used or a market based extract is easy to do .  Recommended for ornamental plants. 

(4) Rayania/Rayanoidine-  woody stems and roots of  Rayania spaciosa acts as an contact and stomach poison for biting type insect due to presence of rayanoidine alkaloid in it. It rapidly kills the lepidopetrous insects such as moths, butterflies and etc. Can be used in organic farms to stay away from messy insects.

(5) Nicotinoids - derrieved from tabaco plant viz Nicotinia tabacum and Nicotina rustica . commonly dried powdered leaves of the tobacco plant is used for killing of insects attacking your crop . It is very useful to kill aphids ,  hence also called aphicide. no phytotoxicity and residuary effect occurs like inorganic fertiliser's. But it is highly toxic to mammals so should be used with care . some companies manufacture products based on nicotinoids alkaloids derived from tobacco plant .

(6) Sabadilla  - seeds of tropical Lilly  Schoenocaulon officinale is a good remedy for dipterous insects . House flies, white flies carry the the vectors which caused disease in plants . Alkaloids derived from tropical Lilly seeds are useful to control them levadine and veritradine are present in seeds . Extract are also available in the markets .

(7) Garlic oil  -useful in killing of mosquito larvae . can be used in your lily or lotus ponds . to admire the beauty of these flowers without the mosquito bites.

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  1. Useful information
    Used neem powder in my organic farm to control insects & pest


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