5 Ways to Create Content Marketing Blueprint

5 Ways to Create Content Marketing Blueprint 5 Ways to Create Content Marketing Blueprint

A high quality and frequently updated blog is far more valuable in Google's eye. In fact, you can not just write high-quality content by paying attention to SEO. You have to do more for this. Like the Content Marketing Blueprint, we are going to tell you about this today. So let us know how to create content marketing Blueprint? 

Writing good articles for your blog is an important task of every blogger. Every blogger tries to write high quality content on his blog, but few will succeed in it.

You can increase user engagement on your blog only by posting quality content. We all know that original content can only make your blog popular.

This is the case with all bloggers that more traffic comes to their blog. But not all bloggers succeed in this attempt. Many bloggers face problems in creating unique content one after the other.

If you are not able to search headlines for original content, then you will definitely like this article.

How To Create Content Marketing Blueprint - 5 Ways

In this article we are going to tell you 5 great ideas for creating a blog post. By following these ideas, you can leave your competitors behind.

1. Start with Quora

Quora is a good platform for generating a blog post. You must already know that quora is a very big question answer platform, where you can ask questions and answer any question and the biggest thing is that this website is free for everyone.

First, visit quora and click on any question and check the section of its left side. You can save all those suggestions.

You can ask quora on your niche related question and invite readers to reply.

Another advantage of quora is that you can find out which corner topics are most trending. You can also use it in your website promotion, for that you have to run a Paid campaign on Quora.

If you do not know about quora then you can read this post.

2. Use Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging website. You may have used this platform too many times. But do you know that you can also use this social media website for content marketing blueprint.

As you know it is a world wide platform where you share post about your professional life. But for blog ideas, you will have to login to twitter and search from related keyword in this search bar.

This suggests you better and trending topics.

One other advantage is that they can follow pro bloggers on twitter and read their latest articles.

If you want to show any twitter post in your article, you can use the embed code.

3. Talk to Blog Commenter

You rarely noticed that comments can also be helpful in creating new articles. For this you have to start a discussion with your readers and for this, your blog's comment section can be a good option.

You can encourage your blog's comment by approving the website link and promoting them for discussion.

For this, you have to look at the comments carefully and check what the users commenting on is writing. They may be asking you questions, answered their questions and linked them.

Do research on what is interesting. You will find good results for this.

4. Contact Email Subscribers

Your readers will keep all the information about your blog. Such as your writing style, content information, the purpose behind your blogging and much more.

If they have subscribed to your blog then they must read the articles you wrote. You can join them by sending an email message to them.

If your readers know all this, then they all will know the flaws in your content, then no one can give better suggestions than them.

If you want to send direct mail to your subscribers, you can ask them for suggestions.

For this, you can choose a mail format and also write in detail about the intention of creating your article. Finally, they also excited to revert mail.

In this way you will find the new blueprints of the content.

5. Do not ignore buzzsumo

Buzzsumo gives you information about the most frequently shared content. If you search related keyword with your niche, then this tool will give information about the popularity of content related to that keyword.

This tool is based on social media and it gives information about total shares on facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest.

Let me tell you this is a paid tool. You will get the latest results only if you buy your premium version. In the free version you will get two year old results.

You will find many more tools you can use them to get new ideas for your blog and create content marketing blueprint.


The websites we have given you information are the most popular websites where traffic comes in lakhs.

By regularly updating these platforms you can create your good follower base and most importantly, these followers can be helpful in increasing your blog traffic.

Note:- Hope you liked the information about creating Content marketing blueprint. You can easily create content blueprint by following these 5 methods.
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