Do This & Follow Criteria Before Adsense Apply?

So in today's article, we are going to talk about Top Criteria Of Adsense Approval, what is all this? Is it necessary to follow these rules? So keep in mind this article in detail.  Get in

Do This & Follow Criteria Before Adsense Apply

What is Criteria Of Adsense Approval?

As you know, many people have started working in the field of blogging nowadays. And the purpose of each one is how to earn money. Take them into bad things and do good work too. But remember that every good thing  So the money comes only for a while. So, in the field of blogging, people first choose a path to make money. That is the way of Adsense Yes Adsense is a Google's advertising platform. If you have a platform for this platform  If you get the approval then you can earn money by displaying ads in your blog or website. But if you have applied for the approval of Adsense, then you will know how difficult it is. This is the easiest thing to do if I see it from me.  is.

If you apply for Adsense approval, then you have to follow the rules and criteria of Adsense. And what your blog or website should also look at following Adsense rules and Criteria. You will also get access to Adsense  .

So below this article we are going to talk about all the rules and criteria of this Adsense. Following that, your blog will get the approval of your blog Adsense quickly. So if you want to get access to Adsense early,  Rules and Criteria have to follow. And after that you can see results.

Pages needed for Adsense Approval?

If you do not know about these pages then I can tell you that if you create a new blog or website, then you have to create four pages immediately. This page has been made mandatory by Google.If you have these four pages  If not, you will not get the approval of Adsense.

Let me tell you that this is a four page - Contact Us, About Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

These are the four pages that you will need to put in these pages on your blog or website: Contact Us page will have to create a Contact Form with the help of which the visitor can contact you. Secondly, About Us about this page about you and your blog.  The third is Disclaimer. This page can be made online by searching the Disclaimer Generator in Google. And you can also create Privacy Policy online in Google.

How many articles are needed for Adsense approval?

Now a days what new bloggers do that apply for Adsense by typing 3-4 articles in a few days old blog. And they have a Low Content error Show. They do not know what to do and how to do it.  New bloggers understand that we will get easy access to adsense by writing a little bit. But this does not happen.

Let me tell you for your information that if you want to apply for Adsense, then your blog or website should have at least 15 articles. And each article should have at least 500 words. If you need ads quickly  So you always write articles by yourself. Do not copy articles from any other blog or website. Because Google knows that this article is already available on another blog or web  If you copy it, then it is called Plagiarism.Whenever you write an article, first of all, you should check the plagiarism of that article. From which you will know how much your article is copy content  You can check Plagiarism online.

Check Broken Link

If you apply for Adsense, first of all, check in your blog or website that there is no Broken Link. If your blog or website has Broken Link then your website will never be approved for Adsense.

For your information, let me tell you that Broken Link is a link that looks like an error. This is a link but this link does not open or there is a 404 error. These links are found in almost all of your articles, because when you write articles  Many links also provide broken links, so many links are Broken Links. So before applying AdSense, you can remove these links from your blog or website. You can check this online.

Definitely robots.txt

If you have created a blog then you should definitely put robots.txt in your blog. Because Google will not be able to crawl your blog as long as your blog or website does not contain robots.txt, according to Google's new algorithm.

This is also important because when you apply for Adsense, first of all, your blog or website checks Google's robot. When Robot thinks that your blog is correct then he then sends your application to Google employees  Going back, your ads are approved. So, unless you have the code of robots.txt in your blog, you will not get the approval of the ads. Therefore, always follow these rules.

Adsense Friendly Content Written!

 If you want adsense approved, you will have to write Adsense Friendly Content on your blog. Adsense Friendly Content means the articles that follow the rules of AdSense and Google.

  • You do not have to write Adult type of articles.
  • It is not written in the article that violates Google's rules.

What to do after Adsense apply!

Many people make a lot of persecution after the advent apply in their blog. I can tell you when you apply for adsense, then do not make any changes to your blog and there is no tampering in your blog's template.  do.

If you follow all these rules then you will get the approval of ads very quickly and very easily.
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