How to increase traffic to your blog website? RANK YOUR #BLOG_POSTS

how to increase the traffic of your blog - 4 Master Tips to Increase Your Blog Trrafics

One of the biggest problems facing a blogger is how to increase traffic to your blog website?  Everyone does the effort but success is achieved only by a few people.  There are only a few people who can get traffic in millions on their blog.  Today, we are telling you 4 master tips and tricks to increase the traffic of the website, which will work 100% in 2019 but not in 2019.  So lets know how to increase the traffic of your blog - 4 Master Tips to Increase Your Blog Trrafics

There is not always the same way to increase website traffic.  Tips, methods and formulas vary according to time.  That is why we must adopt new ways.

Only then will we really be able to increase traffic on our website.  I have already seen any article about increasing website traffic.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic - 4 Master Tips

The more customers you shop on, the more sales and profits you get, the more traffic you get on the website, the more the income of your blog will be.

 1. Google Search

Now the best way to increase traffic is to get the top of your side in Google search and for that you have to follow Google's guideline.

In order to improve your digital presence in Google search, you have to start with Google Search Council.  Firstly submit your site to Google Search Council.

After that you have to make your site according to the Google guideline.  For example you design a site, SEO setup, loading speed, layout etc.

Everyone has to make Google's according.  So that Google can easily crawl and index your site.  You can then start bringing traffic to Google Sir.

 2. Traffic Analysis

According to Google, you need to get analytics, compatibility, details and visibility of site traffic to increase traffic to your site.

 You have to determine that,

  • Who is your reader?
  • Where does traffic come from your site?
  • How long does the audience of content read?
  • What are your site's top traffic sources?
  • Which content do visitors like on your site?

After knowing all this, you have to implement solutions to problems and see where you can improve.

To advertise traffic, you can use Google Analytics on your site.  The best free tool for traffic analysis is.

 3. YouTube Channel

Now the video content is preferred instead of text content.  After 5G technology coming in the future, demand for video content will increase further.

It would be better for you to create a single YouTube channel by the name of your blog and website and create a video for your blog posts and give a link to your blog post in their description.

This will not only increase the traffic of your blog but will also become a separate platform for you, where earnings will also increase with your fan voice.

 4. Mobile Optimization

Update stops traffic in mobile has left behind.  Now people use smartphones more than computers.  In such a situation, if your site is not mobile friendly then you are becoming a major part of the traffic.

Here I do not mean just making the site mobile friendly.  I want to say that you start writing for mobile visitors only.  So that you get more mobile traffic.

Your website's design, page load speed, layout, user experience should be all mobile-friendly.


Regardless of whether you made yourself a side or made on either side.  You have to optimize yourself or hire someone who you trust.

Here's tips to increase website traffic.  Really have done a lot of work, yes I know that you have heard about them before.  But now I advise you to take them seriously.
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