Vitamin A and overall health

Vitamin A  also called retinol is a fat soluble vitamin . It requires fat for it digestion and absorption .

This vitamin plays an important role in human body and today i am here to share important benefits of vitamin A .

Vitamin A is present as retinol in animal based food and is absorbed in the small intestine ,after forming a complex with chilomicron (ultralow density lipoprotein), in plant based food it is present as carotinoids mainly beta carotine which is precaussor to vitamin A and gets converted to rtinol in the small intestine of our body  .

Functions of vitamin A

Maintaining healthy vision

The rod cell  in the retina contains pigment called rhodopsin  which is made of combination of a specific type of protein and vitamin A (retinol ) plays an important role in vision and prevent us from night blindness as rod cell  helps vision in dim light .
vitamin A also prevents a condition called keratomalacia which causes dry cornea.

Supporting body growth  

vitamin A help in the growth of skeletal and soft tissues , research shows that deficiency of vitamin causes stunted growth in children .

Protective function 

it helps in keeping the epithelial tissue healthy  and normal . 
epithelial tissues such as skin , lining of eyes , linings of organs like lungs and intestine .
Vitamin deficiency can cause these epithelial tissues to dry and crack , which can be easily infected by various germs , causing infections  and diseases like diarrhoea  , respiratory infections and eye infections . 
deficiency of vitamin A in young children's makes them susceptible to various illness 

Food sources of vitamin A 

1) Plant source - all yellow and orange colour vegetables contains a pigment called betacarotine and other 3 carotinoids which acts as a precursor to vitamin A only 50% of the carotinoids gets converted and absorbed in the body 

  • citrus fruits such as lemon oranges and etc 
  • cantaloupe 
  • carrots 
  • mangoes
  • pumpkin
  • papaya 
  • green leafy vegetables (amaranth, spinach , mustard leaves and etc)
2) Animal source - are high in Retinol and easily gets absorbed in the small intestine in the body . 
  • milk 
  • butter 
  • ghee
  • eggs 
  • fish
  • animal liver 
  • fish liver oils

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