Capacitor Motor,its types and centrifugal switch used in motor.

*Capacitor Motor is a split phase motor that has a low starting torque, thus it doesn`t start at load.
  so if capacitor used in it, then it will be able to produce more torque. It consists of running and              starting windings and its rotor is cage wound like a spilt-phase rotor.

*Types Of Capacitor Motors-

1-Capacitor Start Motor-In this motor, a capacitor is connected in series with the starting winding.
    The capacitor improves the power factor and a leading current flows in the starting winding.
    Hence, the torque of the motor will be increased and it will be able to start at load. A centrifugal         switch disconnects the starting winding as in the case of a split-phase motor. This motor is suitable 
    for such jobs which requires a high starting torque; example:-Lathes nd Drilling machines.

2-Permanent Capacitor Motor-The construction of this type of motor is similar to that of a                   capacitor start motor. But, it has no centrifugal switch and the starting winding remains connected       permanently to the supply line through a capacitor. Both the windings remain in parallel across the 
    supply line. The thickness of wire for both types of windings remains the same and the capacitor         produces the required phase difference for starting the motor by itself. This type of motor has a low     starting torque, hence it is suitable only for table and ceiling fans.

3-Capacitor Start Capacitor Run Motor-In this motor we used two types of capacitor, out of which    C1(2 to 2.5 microfarad) is connected directly and the other C2(10 to 20 microfarad) through a 
   centrifugal switch. The two capacitor are connected in parallel and this group of C1 and C2 is 
   connected in series with the starting winding. In the start, both capacitors remain in the circuit, 
   thus they produce a high starting torque for starting the motor at load. As the motor attains its full
   speed, one capacitor is switched out by the operation of the centrifugal switch, Thus one capacitor
   remains in the circuit, so the motor can drive the load easily; example:-Air-conditioner, Pump            blower etc.

*Centrifugal Switch is an electric switch that operates using the centrifugal force created from a
   rotating shaft, most commonly that of an electric motor. It disconnects starting winding of the              motor approaches its normal operating speed. 

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