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About Us

About Us

Welcome to the KaiseKareHindi.Xyz blog. This blog has been created to help those people who want to do business online, earn money from the Internet, or want to learn something new on the Internet.

For such people, we make online money on this website, blogging, making money from blogging, doing business and sharing new information related to the internet.

We want people to provide us with the necessary information in the Hindi language, that is, in our mother tongue, and help people as well as promote the language of our country.

It is our small initiative to help the people of our country and do something for the country. That's why we named our blog KaiseKareHindi.Xyz (KaiseKareHindi.Xyz).

Our purpose is to help those people who want to earn money sitting at home. That's why we mostly share information about making online business and online money on this blog.

About Kaisekarehindi.Xyz

Kaisekarehindi.xyz was launched on Jun 10, 2019 by Md. Ashif Raza of Bihar

This is a website that is shared in Hindi & English Both , blogging, online money making, social media, creating a website, managing website, website owner and blogger, latest and new updates.

Helping people to succeed is also a special purpose for this website. That's why we also share information about Life Success on this website. So that the disappointed people can be motivate and help them live a better life.

If you want to earn income online through Internet, this website is the best platform for you.

In Europe, many people earn millions every month through internet, so why are not we Indians? I and all of you can do this. Just for this you should have basic information to earn money from internet.

On this website, you will get full information, not just basic information for earning money through Net and you will be helped in every possible way. You will find 20+ topics information on this.

If you like our work, then you must share it with your friends on this web social media and if possible, please tell other people about it so that all of you can avail the information given on this website.

The purpose of creating a blog

  • Free blogging, sharing content on SEO so that new users can also learn Blogging.
  • Online Bloggers give information about helping and not letting people do more with the internet.
  • Providing Blogging Guidelines in Hindi language for Hindi Bloggers (who do not know English).
  • Providing all information related to the internet, which is helpful for Indians and is not yet available in the Hindi language on the internet.
It is not enough, the main purpose of creating this blog is to help our country and people of our country and we are doing this for the last 3-4 years.

About Author

My name is Md. Ashif Raza and I am the founder of this blog, I am the resident of Muzaffarpur (Bihar). We have created this website to help our country and the people of the country.

Actually, since childhood, I had a passion to help people. I started it from school time, when I used to help my students solve mathematical questions.

In this work, I was very happy, it is difficult to make a statement here. This passion of mine went on increasing day by day and I chose the internet for it.

The day of Jun 10, 2019, when I stepped into the world of blogging. My only mission in anger was to do something that would help people and I could earn a little bit of money (to run the house).

Blogging helped me with it. I did not just eliminate the Problem of Blogging but found the blessings of thousands of people. Surely I was happy with it and am happy.

I have written any article about it, in which I have explained it in detail. I'm giving an article link here.

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